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Streets, avenues, roads, promenades, crescents and parks that bear a French name in Toronto are a well kept secret. But there are at least one hundred! Some recall an explorer (Champlain, Brûlé, Cadillac, Frontenac) or a politician (Baby, Laurier, Langevin). Some are a tribute to an historical event (Azincourt, Vimy, Ypres, Dieppe). Businessmen also have their place (Saint-Georges, Bouchette, Saint-Germain). Many streets have a geographical base (Laurentide, Gaspé, Cannes, Provence) and some are to be savoured like a good wine or cheese (Bordeaux, Cabernet, Rochefort).

Toronto et sa toponymie française
Guide illustré des noms de rues et de parcs


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