Sissy ou une adolescence singulière, novel
Toronto, Éditions du GREF, 2000, 128 pages.

« Sissy underlines a metaphoric portrait of Franco-Ontarian communities at the beginning of the 60s. [...] Sylvestre has demonstrated a sensitivity to history by creating a bridge between his linguistic and sexual identities »

Marcel Grimard
fab (Toronto)

69, rue de la Luxure, novel
Toronto, Éditions du GREF, 2004, 200 pages.

In this novel, Sylvestre offers a guided tour of Toronto’s Gay Village. It is joyous (gay) and there are no conflicts. […] The title is well chosen: a) the number is a nod to a technique or position; “rue” or street is where cruising and meetings occur; “luxure” or lust is the subject of the book and occupies every page without boring readers because the lust is coquette and so diversified. [Translation]

Pierre Karch
University of Toronto Quarterly
Volume 75, number 1. Winter 2006

Toronto s’écrit. La Ville Reine dans notre littérature,
essay, Toronto, Éditions du Gref, coll. Lieux dits no 3, 2007, 206 pages.

One can only applaud Paul-François Sylvestre’s initiative: gather a first French-language anthology of Toronto portraits. The presentation is smart and the content inviting (60 writers, 120 extracts, and 140 illustrations according to the back cover). One wonders when Vancouver, Halifax or Calgary will benefit from a similar initiative. [Translation]

Patrick Bergeron
University of Toronto Quarterly
Volume 78, number 1. Winter 2009

Frousse à Santo Domingo, short stories
Toronto, Éditions du Gref, coll. Le beau mentir no 19, 2011, 127 pages.

Reading this book is visiting Toronto on the footsteps of different characters, all Francophone and mainly gay. This theme of double minority status is often underlined or analysed, always with humour and great style. […] With the right tone, a good sense of humour, precise historical facts and themes dear to his heart, Sylvestre’s short stories are a must. They need to be read and reread, and shared with friends. [Translation]

Maud Rostaing
Voix plurielles
No 9.1,  2012, pages 174-175.


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